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Noelle Galardi

Noelle ('22) an early member of the ASC lab is pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology to conduct psychological assessments and diagnose mental health issues. She co-authored a publication on her work with syllabi (Gurung & Galardi, 2022).

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Hannah Mather

Hannah ('20) completed a Masters from Pacific University after graduating from OSU. She is now in a clinical psychology PHD program at William James College in Boston. She worked on studies on how context and clothing effect perception.


Adair Passey

Adair ('20) joined the ASC lab fall term 2019, and focused her research efforts on how the Confederate flag connects to racial priming and how professors’ names can lead to discrimination.


Matthew Nelson

Matthew graduated from Oregon State in 2020 with a degree in psychology and a minor in environmental sciences. Matthew working on factors predicting learning (Gurung, Mai, Pruitt, & Nelson, 2021).


Chelsea Woods

Chelsea did a URSA project on Depression and anxiety within college athletes: Mental health challenges with balancing academics and athletics. (2019-2020)


Sydney Pruitt

Sydney is from the Central Coast of California. She graduated in 2023 from the Honors College at OSU with a double major in Psychology and Education with an English minor. She was an active lab member during most of her four years and published a paper. She is currently working at OSU until graduate school.


Callan Jackman

Callan completed her B.S. in Psychology  in the fall of 2020 and a MAIS in 2022 (College Student Services Administration). After graduation she worked at Linfield College and is now at Pacific University. She was one of the first ASC lab members [2019-2020]


Navdeep Kaur

Nav, an international student from India, is now in graduate school at Western Washington University. Her interest in Psychology developed when she took intro classes at OSU.


Maggie Klaus

Maggie spent a term in the ASC lab working on numerous projects. (Spring 2020)

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Jessica Olsen

Jessica worked on numerous studies relating to clothing and perception (2019-2022) and is now in a research lab at the University of Oregon.


Darryl Ray

Darryl worked on ACEs and mental health and is now in graduate school at George Fox University. (2020-2021)

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Megan Griffin

Megan is now a PsyD student at University of Denver, where she will continue her education toward becoming a clinical psychologist with a specialty in children and families. She focused her research on sexism trends based on various clothing choices. (2020-2021)


Asianna Nelson

Asianna is from Kaua’i, Hawai’i. and just completed her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and continues to work within the criminal justice system.(2020-2021)


Theresa Mai

Theresa ('21) double majored in public policy and psychology and seeks to pursue a masters in public policy and a doctoral degree in educational psychology. (2020-2021)


Gabby Marlen

Gabby was involved in the lab 2020-2021. She worked on studies examining how the brand People of Color influenced perceptions.


Brownlee Ferguson

Brownlee spent a term in the lab exploring clothing and perception. (2020-2021)


Anna Mallery

Anna was active in the lab as a URSA student while a student at the OSU-Cascades campus in Bend. She has a passion for student community and involvement on campus. (2020-2021)


Audrey Potter

Audrey completed an URSA project in the the lab (2020-21) and examined the role of caffeine in learning. She graduated in 2023.


Jenn Nelson

Jenn was a 2021 URSA Engage student from Eugene who worked on gender and careers. Jenn is also a member of OSU's Psi Chi chapter and Human factors in ergonomics society. (2020-2021)


Ashley Rose Pond

Rose majored in psychology and conducted an URSA study on student access to resources at Oregon State.  (2020-2021)


Emma Moorhead

Emma is from Beaverton, Oregon. She was active in the lab as an URSA student. She intends to get her doctorate in either clinical psychology or behavioral neuroscience.(2020-2021)


Ella Lopez

Ella completed her Honors study on Instructor-student interactions. She hopes to work towards a Master's degree in Psychology so that she can work towards being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Angelina Conrow

Angelina completed at Honors project on perceptions of Asian American women and published it in the Psi Chi journal (Conrow & Gurung, 2021). She starts graduate school Fall 2023.


Megan Sherman

Megan examined the role of context and clothing on objectification. She is currently in graduate school at LaVerne University in California.


Paige Herrboldt

Paige tested if visual instructions aided learning over text for her URSA project (2021-22). She is also featured artist for the Pedagogical Influencer Project (PIP).


Chloe Bohnstedt

Chloe graduated in 2023 with an Honors and thesis on what is important in introductory psychology. She was active in both Psyched Out and Psi Chi. She starts an OSU Masters program in 2023.


Mara Steele

Mara graduated from OSU in 2022 and was active in Psi Chi. She is currently working as an ABA therapist for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Taylor Ho

Taylor is from Mililani, Hawaii and spent a year (2020-21) working as an RA on studies examining the People of Color brand. He started at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in Fall 2023.


Mia Scheel

Mia spent a year in the lab as a RA working on studies relating to perceptions of mask wearers and misgendering. She is currently in Germany, where she was born (2021-22).


Julianna Budnick

Julianna worked as an RA and also completed an URSA project (2022-23). She starts graduate school in North Dakota in 2023.


Ashley Romero

Ashley worked as an RA and also completed an URSA project (2022-23). She spends 2023 in South Carolina.

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