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Past Lab Team Members

Alumni: Our Team
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Noelle Galardi

Noelle is a psychology major with an HDFS minor in her fourth year at OSU. She is particularly interested in abnormal psychology and the etiology of psychological disorders. Noelle plans on graduating in June 2022 and pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology to conduct psychological assessments and diagnose mental health issues. In her free time, Noelle enjoys riding her horse, working out, and spending time with her family and friends. She was active in the ASC lab for two terms and is currently finishing up a study investigating the impact of the recently implemented "Reach Out" statement in syllabi on student-teacher rapport and help-seeking behaviors for mental health. (2019-2020)

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Hannah Mather

Hannah is a former ASC lab manager from Fall of 2019 to Spring of 2020. She is currently a graduate student at Pacific University. At Pacific, Hannah is in an evidence-based practice program of study. Her current research area is Social Psychology and its application in clinical-based settings. Upon the completion of her program, Hannah will be a licensed psychological assistant. (2019-2020)


Adair Passey

Adair Passey is a first-generation college student who was born and raised in Corvallis. She joined the ASC lab fall term 2019, and just recently graduated spring term 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. In the ASC lab, Adair focused her research efforts on how the Confederate flag connects to racial priming and how professors’ names can lead to discrimination. Her goal is to pursue a Master of Social Work in hopes of becoming an LCSW. She is currently applying to graduate programs and working at the Corvallis School District. (2019-2020)


Matthew Nelson

Matthew graduated from Oregon State in 2020 with a degree in psychology and a minor in environmental sciences. Matthew was an active ASC member during the Winter and Spring terms of 2020. (2019-2020)


Chelsea Woods

Chelsea is a double major in English and Creative Writing. She was first introduced to the Psychology Lab through URSA - a scholarship program for undergraduate research. Chelsea's project was inspired by her previous position at ASA where she worked directly with athletes at OSU. Her research is titled Depression and anxiety within college athletes: Mental health challenges with balancing academics and athletics. In the future, Chelsea plans to pursue a Masters degree and then a Doctorate in English with a concentration in Literature and Culture after graduation. (2019-2020)


Navdeep Kaur

Nav is an international student from India majoring in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. She graduated in March 2021 and now in graduate school at Western Washington University. Her interest in Psychology developed when she took intro classes at OSU. In her free time, Nav loves spending time with friends and family. (2019-2020)


Maggie Klaus

Maggie is a native of Sherwood, Oregon. Maggie is exploring the fields of research and behavioral psychology in hopes to find her passion after she graduates. In her free time, Maggie enjoys gardening and taking care of her house plants, painting, and learning how to cook. (Spring 2020)

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Jessica Olsen



Darryl Ray


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Megan Griffin

Megan completed her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Services during Summer term 2021. She is now a PsyD student at University of Denver, where she will continue her education toward becoming a clinical psychologist with a specialty in children and families. She was a member of the ASC lab from December of 2019 to Spring of 2021, where she focused her research on sexism trends based on various clothing choices. (2020-2021)


Asianna Nelson

Asianna is from Kaua’i, Hawai’i. She was active in the lab 2020-2021, and graduated in 2021 with a major in Psychology and minor in Sociology. Asianna is particularly interested in the psychology behind deviance and personal crimes and will be researching similar topics this fall. Her future goals are to pursue a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and continue to work within the criminal justice system. In her free time, Asianna enjoys being outdoors, swimming, and spending time with her friends. (2020-2021)


Theresa Mai

Theresa is from Portland, Oregon. She double majored in public policy and psychology and graduated in 2021. Theresa is particularly interested in how to best support students, especially in terms of academic performance. She seeks to pursue a masters in public policy and a doctoral degree in educational psychology. By combining these two fields, she seeks to be the bridge in ensuring that our education system serves our students and the greater community. In Theresa’s free time, she greatly enjoys listening to podcasts, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and making bets for the fun of it. (2020-2021)


Gabby Marlen

Gabby was involved in the lab 2020-2021. In her time at OSU, she was also involved in the minority STEM program called LSAMP. During her Psychology education, she's developed an interest in sport psychology and social psychology. In her free time, Gabby enjoys being active by working out, lifting weights, and hiking around Oregon. When back home in Southern California, Gabby loves going to the beach. (2020-2021)


Brownlee Ferguson

Brownlee was active in the lab 2020-2021, majoring in Business Administration and graduated in 2022. Having moved excessively during his childhood, he developed a wide array of interests including finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, history, marketing, and fashion. After leaving high school, Brownlee attended two culinary programs, and one business program. Finding that business was more to his liking, he decided to come to Oregon State University for their undergraduate business program. Through his business courses he developed an interest in psychology as it relates to purchasing decisions, investment decisions, branding, and promotion. Much of this was motivated by patterns in social interactions, and correlations between displays of wealth, clothing, and  perception. Outside of school Brownlee enjoys watching financial documentaries, reading self help books, and biking about. (2020-2021)


Anna Mallery

Anna was active in the lab her second year as a student at the OSU-Cascades campus in Bend, getting her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences. She is the president and creator of the OSU-Cascades Psych Club and has a passion for student community and involvement on campus. She is currently volunteering with Saving Grace, a non-profit organization that supports survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Anna is a huge advocate for holistic wellness and mental health, and wants to become a LCSW with a focus on trauma. In her free time, Anna power lifts competitively, bird watches, makes jewelry, or gets outside with friends. She is located in Bend at the OSU-Campus campus and loves the great outdoors. (2020-2021)


Audrey Potter

Audrey was involved in the lab her second year, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Theatre. She is part of the Honors College at Oregon State and a member of the Newman Center at OSU as well. At the ASC lab, Audrey was interested in finding ways to help students discover study habits and techniques that benefit them, while dropping the ones that don't. In regards to a future career path, Audrey is particularly interested in clinical or counseling psychology involving youth and adolescents in forensic psychology. In her free time she enjoys reading, socializing, playing volleyball and tennis, sketching, and baking. (2020-2021)


Jenn Nelson

Jenn was a 2021 URSA Engage student. She is from Eugene, OR and majored in psychology. As a member of the ASC lab, Jenn pursued social and cognitive research. In her free time, Jenn is an avid soccer fan, coaching competitive soccer with the Eugene Timbers Futbol Club. She also loves to hike and explore the PNW with her family. After undergrad, Jenn is interested in researching epigenetic and abnormal psychology in graduate school, with plans to earn a Ph.D. Jenn is also a member of OSU's Psi Chi chapter and Human factors in ergonomics society. (2020-2021)


Ashley Rose Pond

Rose was involved her a second-year student at OSU and is dual enrolled at Linn Benton community college. She majored n psychology and is interested in many fields of psychology. She is currently interested in the aspects of virtual meetings and classes as it pertains to our social life and stress. Her future goal to get a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Outside of school and the lab Rose likes to paint, hike, and ride horses. (2020-2021)


Emma Moorhead

Emma is from Beaverton, Oregon. She was active in the lab during her second year. Outside of class, Emma is involved in Greek life and she absolutely loves to bake! Following her undergrad here at OSU, she intends to get her doctorate in either clinical psychology or behavioral neuroscience. Emma's goals are to work to reduce prejudice against those with brain dysfunctions, specifically in relation to the criminal justice system and those in prison to emphasize rehabilitation over punishment. (2020-2021)

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