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What We Do

Our Goals & Philosophy


Our Philosophy

In our lab, we are dedicated to ASCing and answering the important questions. We seek to tackle questions that will inform, educate, and improve society through investigating crucial social psychology issues. Lab members are an essential part of accomplishing this mission, as each lab member investigates a question that is personally interesting to them. Given the hands-on nature of our lab, we will provide you with the research and critical thinking skills necessary to complete your own independent research projects.

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ASC Lab Goals

Our goal in the lab is twofold: to provide lab members with a solid set of diverse skills while also advancing scientific understanding in the field, with the goal of providing solutions in areas such as prejudice and learning. Your experience in the lab will enable you to become proficient in each step of the research process, from picking a research topic to publishing in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, lab members will grow in professional skills such as leadership, communication, and collaboration.


Key Student Expectations

In order to maintain a smoothly running lab, we expect conscientiousness, openness, and full effort from all lab members. This involves staying on track with projects, completing necessary training, meeting deadlines, keeping open communication with Dr. Gurung and other lab members, and attending lab weekly meetings. You should be prepared to dedicate several hours a week to lab activities to ensure that you progress with your projects and get the most out of your time in the lab.

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Get Involved!

If you are interested in joining our lab, please first read our lab manual, then scroll down to learn more.

For Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in working as an Undergraduate RA, please fill out an Undergraduate Application. If eligible, we will then contact you for an interview. Work in the lab is on a volunteer basis and involves a commitment of several hours a week.

For Honors Students

If you are an Honors student who is interested in Dr. Gurung as a thesis mentor and/or interested in working in the lab in general, please contact him directly to discuss potentially working together.

For URSA Engage Students

If you are interested in participating in the URSA Engage program with Dr. Gurung as your faculty mentor, please contact him directly well before the URSA application deadline to discuss your interests. If you have agreed to work together, then you may turn in the URSA application per the program's guidelines.

For Graduate Students

If you are applying to OSU's PhD in Psychology (specifically the Applied Cognition concentration) and are interested in Dr. Gurung as a mentor, please contact him directly to discuss your interests further.

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