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Lab Team

Graduate Students: Stephanie Byers, Joe Slade.

Undergraduate Students:  Lindsay Beaman*, Jordan Bird, Hannah Daddario, Kathleen Davis, Sophia Fisher*,  Charlotte Gregory*, Allie Huston, Alina Hyk*, Summer Mickey, Molly McCabe*, Sydney Robertson*, Lindsey Rutter.  [*Honors]

URSA Engage Alumni: 

2023- Julianna Budnick, Wynne Brown, Ashley. Romero, Summer Mickey, Lex Egan, Molly McCabe, Alina Hynk.

2022- Sophia Fischer, Emily Georges, Caroline Brennan, Paige Herrboldt, Shiva Ramoutar, Chloe Bohnstedt

Undergraduate Alumni: Jessica Olsen, Taylor Ho, Gabby Marlen, Joe Slade, Mara Steele, Thomas Watling, Mia Scheel, Gabrielle 


Stephanie Byers

Stephanie starts her third year in the OSU SoTL PhD program in 2023. She has a M.A. in Academic Research with a focus in Social Psychology from Humboldt State University. She has taught Intro Psych (OSU) and Social Psych (College of the Redwoods), and has been a TA for Intro and Social Psych. She aspires to find ways to facilitate learning and improve scientific literacy for rural and marginalized populations, as well as investigate how we can foster a sense of academic identity in people from these populations. In her spare time she enjoys maintaining her Yelp Elite status by reviewing lots of good food, going on hiking trips with her camera, lifting weights, and cooking themed meals with her partner.  She has two peer-reviewed articles published relating


Joe Slade

Joe graduated from OSU ('22) with a bachelor of science in psychology, minoring in chemistry and writing. He served as president of Psi Chi, the psychology honor society, and worked as a research assistant in both the ASC lab and the Social Cognition Lab of Dr. John Edwards. Joe started in the OSU PHD SoTL program in 2023 and aims to secure a position as a university professor. His research interests include the role of AI in teaching and learning, and mindfulness meditation. He has two peer-reviewed articles published relating to the content of Intro Psych textbooks.


Lindsay Beaman

Lindsay is passionate about social and abnormal psychology and is working on her honors project on microaggressions and race. She intends to pursue medical school and become a psychiatrist. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, live music, traveling, and painting.


Charlotte Gregory

Charlotte is working on her Honors project studying the effects of social media on mood and if this varies with athlete status (2022-24). She is on the OSU rowing squad and hails from the London area.


Jordan Bird

Jordan is a third year student majoring in psychology and minoring in writing. She plans to get her PhD in industrial organizational psychology in the future.

747233E0-3057-4506-95DC-775FC1161992 - Sydney Marie Robertson.jpeg

Sydney Robertson

Sydney will be a senior majoring in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Vocal Performance. She is also a member of Divine A Cappella which is a student-led club on campus. In the lab, she is completing her honors research on how simulated political activism influences anxiety.


Sophia Fischer

Sophia is from Portland, OR majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business and Spanish. Sophia is interested in mindfulness as college student stress. Outside of school Sophia enjoys hiking, thrifting, and going to the beach.


Lindsey Rutter

Lindsey is a 2022 OSU graduate currently in a Masters program in Psychology. She was active in Psi Chi at OSU and is currently also a Powerlifter.

IMG_0183 5.jpg

Alina Hyk

Alina is a senior Honors College student majoring in Psychology with minors in Statistics and Computer Science. Her Honors thesis focuses on motivation and learning, and she is also collaborating with Joe Slade on projects related to AI and the usage of ChatGPT in academic settings. Alina conducted a research study under the URSA Engage program during the 2022-2023 academic year.


Molly McCabe

Molly completed an URSA project on perceptions of instructors (22-23) and is working on her Honors project (23-24).

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 15-28-48 Alllie Huston.png

Allie Huston

Allie is an Honors College student working on AI and learning (23-24).


Summer Mickey

Summer completed an URSA project on perceptions of athletes (22-23) and is working on writing up results for publication (23-24).


Kathleen Davis

Kathleen is an ASC RA working on projects related to learning and perception (2023-24).


Hannah D'Addario

Hannah is an ASC RA working on projects related to clothing and sexism (2023-24).

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